Africa Data Leadership Initiative


The UN Economic Commission for Africa, Smart Africa, and Future State have launched Africa Data Leadership Initiative (ADLI). ADLI is a peer network designed for and by African policymakers, consumer rights advocates, and private sector stakeholders. ADLI is a forum for African thinker-doers to ensure the data economy drives equitable growth and social progress across the continent.

There are different ways you can interact with ADLI. 

  • Join the ADLI Community: An online community that enables government officials to access and share resources, research, and engage in forums.  
  • Apply to be part of an ADLI Cohort: A curated six-month learning exchange program with monthly virtual events that are open to five countries per cohort.  
  • Join as an ADLI Supporter: Offer your organization’s expertise and knowledge by becoming an ADLI supporter.

If you are interested in joining our community please express your interest here.


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